A Visual Treat..

5 07 2007

There is nothing like the sight of a beautiful place to cheer your day and breath life onto the tiresome routine! I reached office rather early and kind of wandered on to this picture of Kauai Island in Hawaii… Loved this place and the promise of solitude there!

I have always loved sea and beaches since childhood, for thats the place where you see land, water and sky join their hands to show how limitless life is! Walking in the water, catching tiny pebbles, watching crabs running along, catching the sunshine on the shimmering waters, or the moon in all exuberance have been my all time favorite passtimes. That’s the place which brings out that playful and contemplative child in me..

I have given a lot of tension to mamma with my love for water! She used to run along the coast with me in mindnumbing worry with brows all fused wondering whether those fierce waves would carry me away. I was insensitive then, or rather plain engrossed in the beauty of the moment. Guess my Mom taught me to pay attention to the voice of the ocean and the reverberating rhythm of the silence. My roommate Chandu taught me to savor the morning sun along with the gentle wind and the bustling waves. I still remember those days of morning walks and jogs along the sea coast where we used to soak in the freshness of the day and welcome life in our own bright way.

Beaches are absorbing and reflective, and irresistable especially when they offer quiet companionship.. The gentle caress of the sea breeze, the drawing serenity of the the soothing blue ocean, the gripping intensity of the soaring waves entrance me in their ageless beauty and wisdom.



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25 03 2009

Where on the island is this!? So beautiful!

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