Apocalypto Movie Review

3 07 2007

I couldn’t believe that I could watch a violent movie, that too one with unknown actors and English subtitles as the main language of the movie is an archaic dialect of Yucatec Maya.. Yet, I did and loved every moment of it! This movie is truly gripping, absorbing and hypnotic. Never have I ever watched a movie that’s set in another time, and place with so much of painstakingly elaborate detail that kind of transports one to the historic Mayan civilization.

To cut the two hour movie into one sentence, this rousing movie details Jaguar Paw’s struggle for survival and revenge, as he fights those warriors who ravaged and slaughtered his tribe and took survivors as captives for human sacrifice. Meanwhile, Jaguar Paw’s wife is pregnant and is awaiting his arrival along with a four year old son in a huge pit where her husband hid her from the eyes of the attackers. The whole movie runs likes a riveting action tale with lumps of suspense, intrigue and history throwed in for good measure. You feel sorry for his family, empathy for the slaves, hatred for those grisly sacrificial scenes, yet you can’t take your eyes off this flick.

This movie looks, and feels authentically primitive and keeps you engrossed and enraged as it takes you through a ‘survival of the fittest’ theme set in the animalistic times of ‘its better to kill than be killed’. This movie runs like a visual poetry and you can’t help but surrender your senses in this fiercely beautiful flick as the characters portray feral intensity to survive. It makes one own the ancient violence, believe in the mighty human spirit and while leaving you spellbound with a sensual experience.



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18 08 2007

Oh! Holy Jesus…..if he looses it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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