My Indian Idol..

2 07 2007

Here is someone who caught my senses in Indian Idol performance. I haven’t been much of a fan of TV, yet I happen to chance by the Indian Idol show as my Mom is an avid watcher. I love the way Mini Mathur anchors the show. This years judges are an intimidating list as well. Javed Akhtar, Alisha Chinai, Anu Mallik and Udit Narayan. Yes, they squabble a lot due to a lot of difference of opinions. Alisha is just speechless and goody goody for all, Udit is graceful and encouraging, Javed is just apt where as Anu mallik tries to give new definitions for being forthright. This year’s show has some really strong talent in the form of twelve contestants and there is a lot of emotional display going on the show. My personal favorites from the contestants are Emon, Pooja and Ankita.

Guess what, am floored by the amazing performance of this little bundle of talent called Ankita Mishra. Am impressed when I first saw her performing ‘Aayi re aayi re khushi’ from the movie ‘Khushi’ by fluke. Since then, I am glued to Indian Idol to check out her next performance. She is just amazing on stage and is a perfect combination of performance and singing. It feels as if she lives the song on the stage!

She has given some outstanding performances, since then. When people are wondering about her being Ankit ya Ankita, she sang a great bhajan. Well, she has pleasantly surprised everyone through her performances and made all the judges dance to her tunes. Must say, an amazing achievement lady! She got attitude, talent, style and a great doze of confidence.. I wonder if she gets the requisite voting, because of her tomboyish appeal. Yet, for me.. She is my Indian Idol!



2 responses

16 08 2007

I have notoced that Voice of India has better singers…

29 09 2007

She was really an ideal female for girls to follow. She was an outright person, excellent performer and a good singer.

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