Cheeni Kum Review

27 06 2007

To the horror of all prudish folks, I loved this movie absolutely! Tabu and Amitabh’s chemistry is just right and together they present a very convincing romantic love story with oodles of tongue in the cheek humor!

The movie projects itself as a romantic comedy as the 64 year old Amitabh is all set to woo the 34 year old Tabu. Now dont imagine it as a typical old man after a young girl story. The movie is dealt in quite a mature and realistic fashion. Zora Sehgal played a terrific role in supporting the movie with her exuberant presence.

I must say that this movie has set a new definition in the typical romantic movie genre of Bollywood. I really love the way Amitabh is experimenting with himself in the recent movies with fresh roles, looks and challenging scripts. I know that everyone loves a superhero. Most of the times we worship them in stereocasted moulds that it would be a taboo if they try to break free of it. Well, I can never imagine Amitabh’s role being played by Rajani Kanth in a tamil remake of cheeni kam without loads of bandhs and suicide attempts! πŸ™‚ Hope you got my meaning! Tabu is my all time favorite. She has a touch of elegance and I love the way she lives in her roles. So imagine how delighted I was when I saw both of them coming together in this sugar fare! I just hoped that the second half could have been better with a little less of sentimental gandhian drama.

Watch it for a light hearted fun ride, for the satirical comedy in the movie, and for the sheer brilliance of Amitabh and Tabu. Even if you can’t stomach a couple of dialogues, even if you thing Paresh Rawal is wasted in a stereotypical father role, even if you think that the cute little darling ‘Sexy’ mouths a lot of gyan, watch it for the sheer light headed banter that runs through the movie.

Guess I don’t have to play the spoiler to reveal the plot. It has been already talked over thousands of times. Yet, like everyone I still believe that I have my own two cents to talk about. And My Advice is Go For It!



4 responses

27 06 2007

didnt i tell u so prude……lol welll i am glad u liked it so much ur reviews says more than u said to me…

28 06 2007

Thanks for the review. Now I am even more curious to watch the flick! πŸ™‚

29 06 2007
Salz d gr8

i liked the ur review more than the movie πŸ™‚ cheers

5 07 2007

@ Sai: Yuppers, this time am guilty as charged.. πŸ™‚
@ Anand: Do check up.. Hope u will enjoy it..
@ Salz: Hey, good to see u here!

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