Playing Process Executive..

20 06 2007

This goes as a humble attempt of mine to sketch a life like story in BPO…


Suma has always thought that she should have a first hand experience of a BPO or call centre. All that glitter, media talk and allure of that career is enticing enough. She is a first class degree graduate and finally she landed in a plush job as a process executive in one of the most popular BPO’s in the Metro. After her hectic training she ended up dabbling in the billing operations to learn reality the hard way.

Suma walked to her desk. Her maniac monday regime is set to begin now. Its 9:05 AM and she is already five minutes late! Her mistaken sense of punctuality is at draggers with her again! It doesn’t make a difference that her office starts at 9:30 AM. Its an internal sense of commitment that gets her going!

One look at the inbox work, and Suma is longing for her carefree times again! She has to finish off a lot so that her team leader can audit it in time. People work for around 16 hours a day in her team, resolving escalations or raising plain bills in India for some UK or US customers. Their celebration of life starts by switching on their monitor to prune through the innumerable mails dealing with several requests and hours roll on in characteristic nonchalance..

Just 3 days old into this and she wonders at all those bright minds entangled in the routine humdrum of mundane activities. She discovered new friends along the way.. Anusha is an MCA, ended up in this role as she wanted to enjoy financial independence in marriage; Ketan is preparing for GMAT and wanted to make his own dough; Leela is an orphan and this job is godsent. Everyone is always on run, helping eachother in their issues, dealing with escalations, managing workload and trying to scrape some moments of personal time in that maddening rush…

Suma has found a shortcut to tackle the situation though. She prompty switches off those inner rantings which drive her crazy and gets herself going at that insane pace which her work demands.. There isn’t time enough to be with herself or is it that she hates to take a maverick stance?

As she muses over herself, she considers ‘Hey what’s wrong with me? I earn 20 grand, family is happy, I got great friends and I freak out every other day. What’s wrong with my job anyways? ‘ Suma has always based her life on rule book.. Yet, when she opens it to check what she really wants to do, the pages are all blank!



One response

20 06 2007

hey k…great going, its goood…you can give chetan bahgat dude a run for his money….

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