Flashes Of Insanity..

19 06 2007

How many of you have a problem of short temper? I know you may be cautious before you confess.. What’s wrong with short temper anyways? I have seen those muted silent types and those fiery volcanoes. And I trust fire.. At least you know whats going on in their head and some how I feel that sense follows after those expositions of insanity. Its the other way for those composed silent types. They park all those moments in their internal store room only to account for them ages later.

But watch out if you get drowned in your own rage of fire and become self centred in brooding.. Some feelings are so deep that one needs to look within in numbing solitude.

How many times have you smiled or managed a stony silence when all you wanted to do is scream and yell? In those moments of insanity, all I can do is blow up or walk away into a closed space till sanity dons its mantle again.. Why is it so that when you have said all that you wanted to say in anger, regret usually follows.. Why is that we take liberty only with our loved ones and slip on our zingers when we wanted to treasure them through our lives? Sheer Madness!



2 responses

19 06 2007

We take liberty only with our loved ones bcoz we feel that they can absorb your feelings and always come back to us tomorrow as if nothing as happened yesterday. When you can believe them on this, that is when you take all the freedom.

19 06 2007

I must say i am going to repeat what suresh has said…..but nevertheless i will say it, for from experience i know that to be true, we do it to our loved ones because we know, no matter what ,they will always be there storm or fire or stony silence…….always…

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