Life Rolls in Patterns..

18 06 2007

Sometimes it just feels so right to listen to heart. Sometimes you indulge so much in the beauty of the moment only to realize that its sanctity can be destroyed by simple interpretations. Sometimes you stifle the voices of conventional wisdom and get carried away only to realize that age old sayings have come true..

Advice is the easiest thing to dispense, I wonder how many are takers though. Yet, you rushed ahead based on your instinct only to hit the dead end.. You have so many people to flaunt that lyrical ‘I told you So’ with an ironically compassionate whisper which may do little to assuage that nagging pain in heart. You may want to create something beautiful and alas you ended up with the old frame thats etched in your memory.. Memories never die, they just repaint themselves in new colors to flaunt and haunt again.

Sometimes it so happens that you make certain choices which prove bitter and then when you walk along the path of life, you have this dejavu kind of scenario where everything is back to square one and you may have to choose again. Have you ever wondered that you have done that one that you have always dreaded to do? Sometimes priorities and choices weigh more than feelings and when you respect the stand you take, there is little chance that you get space to sit and brood over spilled milk.

Nothing remains pristine over the passage of time.. You get tough and when you wake up to a new sunrise, your area of focus changes. One can’t really change their basic nature, can they? Guess one can find patterns whereever they look.. Life is what we make out of it.. Let it roll in patterns or take the wildest route possible.. I can still have a choice in deciding what glasses to wear.. I am content as long as I have my voice and attitude alive and kicking..



One response

18 06 2007

yes i agree with what you have written, its like one day you were walking down the path of your life and all of a sudden you see a beautiful tree and you probably would love to etch you presence there for eternity and etch your name on its bark, and move on, you come back years later, the tree is there so is your name written on it ( fond memories of that beautiful day ), but then as its a process of life the tree has grown and become tall and is green shady and happy and it grew ……………

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