Sivaji Movie Review

17 06 2007

Well, there is NDTV Coverage, all the media is frenzied over this movie, almost all the theatres in Chennai are screening Sivaji, Tickets in black are going at 1000 bucks and the only topic at coffee tables seems to be related to the superstar.. All this made me go for this movie on the first day first show. Somehow I wonder whether all this hype is essential?

For starters, Sivaji is an out and out commercial entertainer. It got all the masala like a rags to riches story, glamor, humor, technology, action, and songs. The movie deals with the story of an NRI who comes with to India with a vision to create Sivaji Foundations which would offer free education only to find his dreams crashed by an industrialist with political clout. How Shivaji fights the Indian System, the corruption and black economy while paving way to realize his ambitions forms the rest of the story.

One should park logic and commonsense in the alleyway of the theater to savor this movie. For example, the CBI arrests Sivaji without any monumental evidence when all they got is a voice locked laptop. Or sample this, the hero who wasn’t reluctant to bribe every official in every means possible confesses lamely in the court scene. The only reason I could give to watch this movie is that it got Rajani’s Superhero presence and fabulous dance sets which speak of opulence, and grandeur. Hey Rajani got style in the way he tosses the coin or reaches to his mint. His action and the ease with which he carries himself is a treat to watch. Are these reasons good enough for you to head for movie? Yet, I guess this movie may still make century days, by the sheer support of his fans. I will wait and watch.

Sreya’s role is limited to being a glass doll and look glamorous in dance numbers and play the role of a traditional tamil ponnu in the acting sequences. The story drags in the first half as Rajani tries his best to woo Sreya and the middlemen and it gains tempo only in the second half. Rajani’s overpowering presence fills the screen in every sequence and guess the story is underplayed alot to adjust to that. The story theme isn’t well integrated with the picturization and the movie drags in an attempt to include the cool and style element of Rajani in the story line. Suman’s action stands out as a soft spoken and menacing villain. Music is sure peppy, yet I wonder how much of those numbers remain after the hype cools down.

I felt that the story could be dealt better and with greater depth for this marks the return of Rajani after I guess almost two years. With a mix of formidable talent like Shankar, Rehman and Rajani, I expected better.



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17 06 2007
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17 06 2007
18 06 2007

I agree that the story could be dealt with greater depth. But other comments for the superstar’s movie are not on line. Lets take it one by one.

Logic was always there in the movie! Lemme pick ur two samples.
Firstly, evidence is required only when the issue comes to court. It is not neccessary when one is getting arrested. And, thats what happens in reality. Thats why 50% of the victims who are arrested are released after the case comes to court. If one has political background , he can keep anyone in prison till the case comes to court.
Secondly, Superstar was always reluctant to bribe. It was the last option for him to make his dream come true. And , having bribed, he confessed in court, just to point out that , he had no other option on hand other than bribing to realize the dream. So, this is not something against the logic.

Moreover, Rajini’s overpowering presence was always on the cards as that’s what is expected out of his movie. Chandramukhi was an exception as it was a story based movie & Rajini’s fans were infact not happy about that.
His overwhelming presence in the movies are expected and his movies wud not have a very heavy subject and seriousness. Infact, as you pointed out, it will have lots of humor, technology, action, glamour and songs. 100% entertainment which is the single important purpose for people to come out of the real world and enjoy .
So, Shivaji Zindabad!

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