Grappling With Change!

13 06 2007

After two years of hanging around in Tidel Park, my office got changed to Chennai One. Well, if you are wondering about where this Chennai One is, I can’t help you. It exists as one among the innumerable, indistinguishable IT parks on the so called IT corridor in Chennai. I took an auto, since this is my first day and hence ended up being tossed in all directions on the windy road while fighting with the sand and sun through the race. Reaching this particular office itself calls for celebration as I had to wade my way through the dusty and rustic Perungudi while battling with huge Traffic and biting dust on the journey! I could notice huge trail of jampacked vehicles on the Old Mahabalipuram Road during the business hours and the condition is only worsened by the ill-maintained, under construction roadways full of potholes. My official transport nightmare! Now, all those TCS loyalists may draw their swords at me saying we got an official bus transport.. Yet, they dont help me to reach my office at 10:30AM..The infrastructure on the IT corridor is not even worth a mention.

Here is a snapshot of Chennai One. You can even notice the green board which marks the entry to Pallikarnai Forest Block! Coming to Chennai One Office, it houses a lot of corporate offices and you can find offices of companies like TCS, Wipro, Siemens, Ford etc. Unfortunately, its still under construction and the recreation facilities are not yet up. Thank god they got canteen atleast! The office is designed in a purely functional format (matlab no hangout or open space) and hence has pretty good workspace. The only light in the end of the journey is that I meet good people with smiling faces in my project which definitely soothens the mood.

Finally I have officially moved out of the innovation labs of TCS to face the ground realities of the project based organization. Guess my hands are full for the coming months!!!



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