Tales of Pleasant Truths..

8 06 2007

Do you lie? Tricky question, isn’t it? Do you ever conceal a part of truth to save the feelings of your loved ones? Did you ever take a guilt trip later on? Guess I have always been a champion of truth, frankness and honesty..Yet, I believe in pleasant truth! Irony indeed! I have always measured people by the bar of openness and warmth that they exude. I may respect the real stiff types yet I love those flexible, approachable people who wear their heart on sleeve.

Sometimes it may even happen that we have never set any boundaries for some relationship.. That may lead to complicated situations when they try to intrude into your private space. You can only blame your attachment towards them.. Ideal kind of relationships exist in very rarely.. Why do we make an abstraction of truth when it can be our best defense? It’s probably because we may not always appreciate the distinction between Expression and Explanation. One comes out of volition and other out of demand. It’s not that people evade when they lack trust. Reciprocation can never be done in the way it’s expected to be done. What may seem like transparency to you may seem like encroachment to someone else. If I expect something, it’s my problem. If I long for poetic justice then there is a definite mismatch between how things are and how I want them to be.

Sometimes we may sport this paternalistic attitude towards loved ones which may make us feel the need to be in control and weigh every word we say. The question out here is if we share with people we care for, it makes us more open and vulnerable. I just say whatever comes into my mind or heart.. But if people start to analyze, dissect and interpret everything I say, that would force me to be diplomatic, distant and be politically correct. You reveal only as much you want t, you make an new truth by sharing those pieces which seem harmless. How correct is that attitude? How good is pleasant truth anyways?



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