Musings On Collective Wisdom!!!

6 06 2007

I have always had this feeling that collective wisdom is an amazing thing. Somehow, the popularity of Wikipedia impresses me.. Guess people Think of all those people who are adding tiny bits of little things that they know so that someone somewhere is benefited! Isn’t that an amazingly selfless thing to do? It reminds me of the squirrels’ role in building that bridge in Ramayan! It reconfirms my belief in the natural goodness of the people..

We have knowledge in bounty loads.. We have really gathered a lot of information through all these years. I believe that all that we ever wanted to know or learn about must be around somewhere in this world, as someone’s knowledge, memory or experience. It’s just a matter of finding it which makes a world of difference to someone’s quest. Guess that’s why the googles of the world are so popular. Yeah, I would give them all the credit on the earth for making knowledge more accessible..

Working for the past two years, I really appreciate what a valuable enterprise search engine and a proper knowledge management system can do to a mammoth organization. Probably it would almost reduce 5o % of work as it would reduce the chances of recreating, reinventing and redefining the existing process or work. Think of how much time that would save? Am already dreaming!

Yet, the key component out here is not some software but the people who will come and share their core knowledge in open. Well, am not saying the word ‘give’ as the key here is ‘to share’. To share without restriction, in openness and perhaps without taking credit! How many are willing to do that in corporate world where one is defined by the privileged information one holds? That’s a Big Question! It always boils down to the work environment and the organizational culture. An organization can have a great blogging platform, and still end up with zero contributors. When the Internet is overwhelmed by the Web2.0, 3.0 ..n.0 , there are only muted whispers in the enterprise world. This surely demand some soul searching though!



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