A Visit To A Local Seamstress!

4 06 2007

Well, that only happens when I am home! Though am a great fan of ready-mades: especially those of select, don and pay category which offers instant gratification, at times I just love picking up material.. Probably I like the lazy way in which u choose that fabric for how that can look, ponder over design, discuss with your tailor, await delivery like a kid for candy and then fret over tiny things for alterations.. Since I had a lot of time at disposal and a couple of material that would require a stitch job, I thought I would pay a visit to Taruni for my dresses. Taruni is the most famous boutique kind of store in Rajamundry.. She started off as a specialty tailor some 7 years back and is doing pretty well as a designer tailoring joint.

Me and my sis landed up there (at her boutique in Prakash Nagar) only to find ourselves in a huge queue. At times, its not the number of people who count but the number of dresses they have for the job.. I was playing a silent observer and was wondering at the loyalty of the people who came from faraway places like Nidadavolu for a visit to the tailor. I was wondering whether I am impressed by their fashion sense or their desire to engage the best. It’s not as if they have a list of specialized preferences or some exotic designs in their mind. Guess its same everywhere. Find an expert and give him free way! Or is it related to brand experience? Finally my turn came after an hour of waiting and impatient wandering around the store. I have always thought that stitching is a mindless job. That’s the most ridiculous opinion that I have ever held. It does demand a lot of creativity, visualization, attention for detail and an eye for sense. Guess this little visit served as an eye opener for me! I handed over my dresses and came home. Am almost expectantly waiting for them!

P.S. : She did a fairly decent job.



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9 07 2010

hi ..jus read ur article on Taruni..itz the store that i go to get my clothes stitched and i love the way she designs the dresses. i hail from Nidadavole n though itz not always easy to go to rajahmundry to collect my dresses, i do coz i love d way dresses are designed over there..thanks to my hubby for taking me there wenever i want..

30 03 2015

Its the most worst tailors i have ever seen. i especially bought the dress materials for special occasion but i dont know any tailors in rajahmundry, one of my friend suggested taruni, the output is worst and i am unable to wear my favourite dresses. you taruni tailors …………s. You better shutdown the business you …….

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