Confessions of A Bookworm!

29 05 2007

These days my life is filled with loads of books! And am celebrating. 🙂 Its been a long time that I have consciously taken time to read good stuff and it feels as if I am falling in love with literature again!

I have always felt that these long hours at a dumb terminal did leave very little for intellectual companionship. After a tiring day, I just wanted to drop dead on my bed or wanted a predictable comfort from a mills and boon! All I wish for is some intellectual stimulation or productive engagement!

Having time at my disposal, these days I am exploring some quality literature. Trust me, they can be quite intoxicating! Being an avid backer of fiction, I checked out TIME’s All time 100 list, and the Pulitzer’s Prize Winners to check those that behold my interest. It sound’s like sheer greed, isn’t it? I agree!

Yet, my greed finds its rationalization when I wonder at the marvelous play of words in the book that I hold at night, awaiting to turn to the last page with a contended glee so that I can imprint the loving experience that I shared with it.

There is nothing like a good book or a bad book.. Each one is a new world and either you feel like a part of it or you don’t! Racing through the each page, living through the characters, you do get a vicarious sensation of living through different times! Such is the world of books for me!



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