Vagabond in The Garden Of Destiny..

4 05 2007

Thats how I look at myself. Somehow, I refuse to believe that our life is moulded in a predictable fashion to achieve a particular end. Life is what we make it to be. Destiny is not a stationary target. It changes along with time, along with every decision or choice that I make. We are the best judge of our miseries, actions or destinies.

Whenever we take a step, we see different paths laid out in front of us.. The path that we choose or the choices that we made creates the destiny for us. The whole idea of being destined to do something sounds quite romantic, isn’t it? It gives such a comfortable feeling to all the rationalizations that we do, like a chicken soup for soul! Probably when we walk the path and look back at the end of this life, we will only see the one we took and when we look ahead its just a dark world thats enveloping us in its madness.. Then, are we trying to rationalize our destiny as well?

well, for me.. I am comfortable in living in the moment, savoring the experience and loosing myself in my world!



One response

7 05 2007

well…I would say that we will have to accept destiny whether we believe in it or not.We are like water..taking the shape of vessel we are poured into.

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