Life Moves On An Assembly Line..

2 05 2007

I am wondering about life in one of those contemplative moods, how our life passes through the predictable phases. Almost as if we go through an assembly line. From one pipe to another, from one phase to another considering each stage to be the most challenging one.. This is what I call Pipe Theory! 😉

Life goes on in stages, the teenage, getting a job, getting married, living like DINK (Double Income , No Kids), Children, Midlife Crisis, Old Age and so on!

When I look back into my past, guess my entire educational career fits into one pipe! each year is a fresh challenge.. To Win, to reach the top only to discover a new high! Now that the educational career is supposedly over, a new fight in the corporate world begins! If life retains a moment of semblance and if you find yourself settling down to the comfortable routine, thats when new priorities emerge. Find a guy, get married, build a home and warm your bones by the TV.. Well, thats the life on a high way line.. Coz, its the life that most of us understand as a comfortable and acceptable normal social pattern!

I’m sure everyone must have thought of diversions in those ‘Oh What the Heck!’ moments.. Yet we long for predictable comfort and social acceptance. Don’t we? We all have hope in hearts and a zeal to explore life. Although being the most irrational creatures on earth, we still plan, rationalize, reason it out and move on trying to capture our slice of life, by creating our own set of stories and adventures! Isn’t that chivalrous?!



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