My Self Portrait..

30 04 2007

What would I look like, if I ever tried to paint my self portrait? Can I represent the unseen, unheard inner voice? Can I really symbolize the inner dreams, passions and experiences? Can I sculpture my true self? I wonder if I can really do a justice to my soul..

I have so many perceptions about myself.. so many self impressions.. Sometimes am a rainbow, sometimes the Iris. Sometimes am a caged bird, sometimes a delicate queen. Life feels so complex when I wonder where does the real me lie? Guess she lies in there, somewhere..caught in myriad images, lurking behind a skeptic self, wanting to embrace life in all its magnificence! Guess my self portrait depends on that specific mood! Yet, its worth pondering to think how would I paint myself.. Some food for thought!



One response

30 04 2007

no self portarit would ever be perfect. look at ur reflection in the mirror. is it the real u that is looking at u. no the real u is lurking somewhere beneath it or behind it. thats what life is. so varied are its aspects that u never feel satisfied exploring it. but that is how it is meant to be. u cannot draw a line and say,” here ends life; no more interpretations are possible”. infact, when we finish drawing the line we may ask ourselves,” is this what life is. just this much within this line. no, there may be something more that lies beyond this line”. well thats what life instead of one portrait, draw a series, perhaps that may help. but that may not be the final solution. have a good day rani.

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