Playing the Intrepid Explorer!

29 04 2007

I had a whirlwind Delhi trip this weekend to attend the 2nd International IPTV Conference organized by Bharat Exhibitions. IPTV is an area of interest in my lab’s work and I wanted to check out the key players in this arena. My interest in this conference is propelled also by the fact that I have never seen Delhi in all its glory.

I reached Delhi on Friday Night at 10 PM. I took a prepaid taxi and he dropped me off at the TCS guest house which is located in Connaught Place. And I was drop dead on the bed, the moment I checked in my room! 🙂

I got up fresh like a morning daisy and got out of the guest house by 8:15 AM. I am supposed to report at Le Meridian Hotel for the conference at 9:00 AM and I have no clue as to how close/ far is it from the guest house. I walked around and caught an auto. He asked me 20 bucks for the Hotel. I was so pleasantly surprised! Guess paying exorbitant auto fares for minor distances in Chennai can do that for you! One thing that impressed me in Delhi in first glance is the public infrastructure. The city is beautifully laden with huge roads which are flanked by big trees on either sides. Well structured roads, great infrastructure, fresh air and greenery..All these made me wonder if I am in an Indian Metro?! Having time at my disposal, I took a lazy walk around the hotel, appreciating the sunny warmth and the shimmery roads and made it to the venue in time.

The whole day went in the conference. I am impressed by the wide range of representation it had from the key players in the industry. There are almost 24 speakers on the panel and the event went in four sessions. The topics under discussion dealt with the strategic issues, market opportunities, challenges, service provider’s perspective for IPTV Rollout and also examined in detail, the best practices in the IPTV industry. It was quite an eventful conference and I learnt a great deal about the major players in the industry. The echoing thoughts concentrated on the need for content aggregators and the concerns ranged on the evolving nature of the business model.

I was exhausted by the power packed day which got over by 6:30 PM. I headed over to Janpath Market by walk, as its quite near to the Hotel. I was struck by the bright hues of the garments and the flashy embroidery designs. I ended up buying a couple of wall hangings, blouses and pillow covers. Feeling energetic, I took an auto to explore India Gate. Its a beautiful sight to watch in the night! Built as a war memorial to commemorate the sacrifices of the soldiers, it stands proudly like a huge archway in middle of a cross road. It became a decent family outing space in the current times, as I found many families, and groups enjoying an idle conversation and the serene greenery. Awed by the experience, I reached my accommodation and retired for the day.

The next day is an engaging experience though! I left the guest house and reached Raj Ghat. Its the final resting place for our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. I went into the Raj Ghat remembering his words, and those few verses of him that I read from his autobiography, “My Experiments With Truth”. He lived his life in pursuit of Truth and Nonviolence. While removing my shoes to walk up to his place, I remembered what he stood for: the power of action, conviction, patience and love. Lighted by an eternal flame and surrounded by expansive greenery, his soul rests in peace, survived by the ideals he has implanted in innumerable people. Touched by the place, I stayed there in daze for sometime in my mind’s mind numbing company.

Later, I headed to Karol Bagh for some lazy shopping. The exploration ended there, as I roamed around the wide streets, enjoying the little discovery and the light conversation, blissfully unaware of my shopping expenses! and I cant sign off with out a single mention for the Delhi’s climate! The mercury ranged around 42 degrees and with a dry climate, I could feel the heat burning me under my skin!

This trip taught me to be aware of my prejudices as well. Before taking the trip, I was very conscious about the remarks I heard about about Delhi. That people are rude, traffic is unkind, safety concerns for a single lady at night and what not? Talking to the people on the roads, I found that the people are very kind to the strangers. They answered queries patiently, with a ready smile! That actually made my trip a pleasant one, I guess!

P.S: The title of this post is a direct excerpt from a friend’s SMS. And trust me, I fell in love with it!



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