Shades of Grey…

23 04 2007

I have always loved a rainbow. Since childhood, wondering at their splendor while dancing in the rain, I always wanted to catch one, and perhaps live on one. Life comes to a full circle while I watch them take shape and vanish like a dream. Guess I have always loved the idea of embracing life in vigor and color. Things are always how they appeared for me, either in black, white or mauve!

Until now…

Until I entered the corporate dog eat dog world, that is!

I have learnt to recognize a fib from honest verse, I have learnt not to trust empty promises, I have learnt how carrot stick approach works in reality, and I have seen this world in all its shades of Grey. Is it the burden of competition that makes people materialistic, or is it the opportunistic surroundings? Agreed, its a tough world and everyone has to make his mark. Yet, why do we forget in this maddening run that our actions have impact on others’ life? I see a dearth of leadership, a sense of confusion, lack of focus, especially in the middle levels where its vitally important to have a strong sense of vision. Its an age old crib, I know.. Or may be I need a better glass to look around!

Yes, I do understand the value of diplomacy, yet I appreciate the value of appreciation and honesty better. I wish to believe that we are not living in stone ages and everyone is entitled to have a version of the big picture! I have a vision to see everyone contributing for common beliefs, in their own uniquely gifted way. May be I am an idealist. Or may be I just hate the bureaucracy and the idea of working for work sake! Rainbows to corporate world..sounds like a disconnected journey, isn’t it? The word is out! World is insane, I am too!



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23 04 2007

yes, thats how it is now. rainbows no longer carry the same vibrant colours anymore. they too have acquired shades of grey. or is it that we who live in a grey world see everything as grey? they grey shade is not in the corporate world alone. it is everywhere. in me, in u, eevrywhere. so what do we do now? go on for ever and ever pining and anguishing for the riot of colors in rainbow, all the while lamenting over the world in grey? is thatof any use? perhaps, as u said,we need better looking glasses or even spectacles. have u noticed one thing? arent our glasses too grey in shade? weren’t we always ignoring it? when we watched others ebing dishinest, when we saw the lack of leadership, initiative around us, but just kept quiet, we were aquring shades of grey on our glasses. nect time, when we see them, ket us atleast resolve in our minds that we willnot become like that. we will ot forsake our principles. that way, world will be bright again and rainbow will nol onger be grey. yes, let us bring rainbows to corporate world; not only to corporate world, but to every nook and cranny where we face competition. wishing u wonderufl and colorful rainbows ahead

24 04 2007

Well said Rema! U bring me hope!

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