Stifled Expressions!

20 04 2007

She stared at me from the mirror. She has this peculiar oblong face, with sharp eyes and a small mouth. It has pleasant features, and she looks feminine and gentle with a lock of her shiny black hair falling over her cheek. Not girly though! She looks every inch an independent woman full of poise and grace, albeit trapped in her mistaken priorities. And those large sharp eyes! Is that a sharp determination that I see? Or is it a raw confidence or defiance?

As I mused over the woman in the mirror, all those age old stifled emotions seem to spring from shadows. Several questions pounced in my mind, trying to account me for her lost dreams, raging feelings, swirling emotions and confounded sanity. Is She real? Is She true? Why her vacant stare pierces my heart?

Haunted by those expressions of silence, I am lost in the depths of her eyes!



One response

20 04 2007

whoever happened to look into the mirror sure is lucky to have found her own reflection. as for me, i have lost my own reflection.i sometimes ask myself,”who is the stranger looking at me from the mirror?” thats what i am to me now- a stranger- living the dreams of others, playing the roles chosen by others, living in the shadows for so long that i ve lost my own shadow.ur blog is definitely a good one. it is thought provoking. hope to get better aquainted with u. i am rema from kerala. ur profile says that ur in Tcs. my brother too is in TCS Bangalore. take care. regards, rema

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