Dewdrops in Eyes..

9 04 2007

Well. That’s what I call my contact lens! In my short fling of one month, I have come to appreciate them for what they do to me. Thanks for the blessing of watching world through my eyes, sans spectacles! Putting them in a friend’s words, ” The world lept in front to meet me!”

Contacts have their own  setbacks. Agreed that you have to give up your long nails, or that eye makeup, agreed that you need to be extra careful while handling them, yet all that is made worthwhile when you glow in front of the mirror, catching your own bemused expression! 🙂

For all those who think contacts are a hassle, trust me, spectacles are equally bothersome! Especially, if someone uses them as a pillow and you cant find the spare ones in time, or Specially on those holidays when all those shops are closed and you have to trade your powers of observation for a couch.  I still have those vivid memories of my dad trying his best to repair my broken spectacles as I have slept on it unawares, burning the midnight oil for my exams. 🙂 So sport what you are comfortable with and enjoy!  For me, am using both though!



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