Grapewine and Politics

7 03 2007

Two years into job and am all ready wondering about the mammoth importance that grape wine and politics has in an organization. Thinking aloud, I have seen a lot of organizational dynamics that goes in getting the job done. Here the term ‘politics’ strictly applies to the social relations involving positions of authority or power. There happens a huge struggle to keep that child alive with in a pseudo environment during which the excitement about the uncertain future turns into a dreading of the predictable rhythm.

There is little importance given to frank, outspoken attitude as a lot of work demands diplomacy and discretion. Well, that doesn’t stop the coffee vending machine talk though! To read about affinity groups during B Schools days is one thing, and to see them in action is a different issue altogether. Managing people and relationships in the organizational context becomes a tough rope walk as one had to strike that right balance between personal self and professional discretion.

A special mention goes to the pseudo power group though! The sad part of life is that you need to get the work done in time on short notice, especially true in case of support groups. And you end up with little recognition and appreciation as your direct mark or importance is felt only if you miss your job. Well, that leads to the unwanted power display from the support section. Job gets done in time only if you do aggressive follow up and have some key people who are comfortable with you as a person.

Well, we talk of software age, yet the feelings and expressions are passed on since stone age. That perfect organization and perfect job are never a reality as uncertainty in terms of the people factor hops in. We can only accommodate mindsets, we can’t really create them. So much as we dream about that idealistic professional environment for work, I really wonder if am going to like that so perfect place! Grapewine and politics are going to stay and it depends finally on us as to how we handle them.



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