My First Brush With Email Spoofing!

24 01 2007

Its an instant which I woke me up from stupor: My first brush with spoofing! My collegue got an email from my Yahoo ID without my awareness. So much for being technologically challenged! It took sometime for me to sink in that fact that any person can spam with my ID.  Thanks to the techies of my project, I could locate the IP and Place from where that mail got originated, and got myself educated about Cyber Crime issues in India. Quite an Eyeopener!

For those who are wondering what this spoofing is about, ” Spoofing is about forging an e-mail header to make it appear as if it came from somewhere or someone other than the actual source. The main protocol that is used when sending e-mail — SMTP — does not include a way to authenticate. There is an SMTP service extension (RFC 2554) that allows an SMTP client to negotiate a security level with a mail server. But if this precaution is not taken anyone with the know-how can connect to the server and use it to send spoofed messages by altering the header information. In some jurisdictions, e-mail spoofing anyone other than yourself is illegal. ”
(Courtesy: Webopedia).



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1 06 2007

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