Hard Work Vs Smart Work..

16 10 2006

It’s always a big question in the Industry where I am working, or is it a common phenomenon? People, who do work as a duty, or rather as an obligation try to drag it till the end and end up in the swirl of procrastination. That embarks a journey of crib club..

If you work for what you believe, its not hard work! You will consider it hard work when it becomes an obligation. Alas, we don’t find entrepreneurs in every day of life, at least to the nonobservant eye. Probably they are the same people whom we tease as hard workers or the one who don’t find time to take for themselves. What we may not realize is that their enjoyment lies in work. A typical phenomenon I observe is that people believe that they work for their ends and there exists a fine line between personal enjoyment and professional work. Ask what effects personal enjoyment? I have strong objection to people who resign themselves to 12 hours of long work the moment they enter office campus. Neither do I have respect for canteen mongers, or the shirkers who pretend to work only when their boss lands at their cubicle.

One should have a balanced approach to work. Even if I love my job, there are certain finer aspects for which I pay attention to. Probably it’s my fav music, a book by bed side, a morning workout at the local gym or a walk by the wild side. That’s where smart work comes in. Engaging mind and body in what we love to do every moment. As my boss quotes often, “if you got no mood to work, don’t work lady. Coz U will spend 8 hours miserably doing what you can finish off in a couple of hours!” Quite true indeed! In this high tension world, where struggle for life is quite evident in every walk of life, one should realize oneself to the full potential. Being smart, managing priorities in the deliverables, intelligently balancing different aspects of life, being focused on career and emotional balance helps in a big way! Keeping a sense of humour about oneself and wearing heart on sleeve helps too.



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19 02 2007
Vinod Rao

Perfect vision about true work.

21 02 2007

hey nice article !!

21 02 2007
Hard Work Vs Smart Work « Random Thoughts!!

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22 02 2007

very nice artical

7 12 2007
chandan Sharma

Hey its such a nice article to get knw…what is smart WORK and HARDWORK….
for me u keep become smart worker..if u hv done hardwork….so both are 11el to each other…………….. Do u agree.?????

20 06 2008
V V S Kumar


It’s a nice article which clearly parts out hard work and smart work. I like your style of writing where you are blending simple and complex words together. As I read through this article and your “About Me” section I see a blend of quotes from various books and a vivid explanation about yourself. Good work keep it up and write to your heart.

6 08 2008


27 08 2008

No doubt smart work is smarter compair to hard work, but at the same time and same work can be seems to be a smart as well as hard depending upon thier mode of work. let i ll give an example. supposed we have two way to leave that room. one of them is left side and other is right side, and peaple can move any way to exit this room. now it is better to gudge for u to whom door is nearest to leave the current possion. finaly work is same but way is differnt to work out. so we can say that smart work means work with is time will be finished or before time if it is not possible to work out then u moust have to judge to how that is …………

29 08 2008

very usefull for students

22 09 2008

even i like the article…thanx u gave me some energy to live d way i live..lol..


29 09 2008
Taraknath Banerjee

This is wonderfull artical no doubt at all

5 02 2009
Ankush Nowal

What i feel is in smart work also there is hard work, because it is not everyone’s cup of tea to be creative bcuz for being a smart worker you need to brush your skills which needs hard work.
priority is smart work as it saves time for other things to be touched even.

8 04 2009

i think a same work can be smart work or hard work depending upon the diffferant situations…

6 09 2009
Vijith Nair

i guess the people who think that hard work is always ahead of smart work are quite obessed with themselves and have never been able to achieve things that they really want.

6 09 2009
Vijith Nair

;drop table;

10 10 2009
Ronny Siagian

Many people want to get the big results but they didn’t do anything. They said that they want to smart work. But I call them the lazy princes. If you want to smart work, you have to work more effectively and efficiently.

13 07 2010

it is nice article but still i am in confuse,i need much explanation for smart work …….. one thing we must work hard until we reach the target

23 08 2011


16 10 2009

without workhard we can come up and every one says that every thing is possible yes possible but if we work hard till we suggest.

20 10 2009

this is very nice artical but one thing we need to understand that is hard worK and smart work is not so important, the important thing is we have to do what we want to do ………

25 11 2009

good thought

17 12 2009
Naminder singh

I think for being a smart worker u wud have to pass the stage of working hard first…….

20 01 2010
cesar manalo

i think smart work equates to efficiency, doing more with less, but achieving same results or better.

17 02 2010

still am confuse with this aricle…. so can anyone give proper definition for hardwork and smartwork…………

17 02 2010

need clear explantion for hardwork and smartwork…………..

12 10 2011

hard work: getting a girlfriend to get laid
smart work paying a hooker

20 04 2010
Noor khattak

i think hardword is the bridge between smart work ,if you want to save time then you need to be work hard ,when you work hard then you will get good result & when you accomplish good result its mean you have done smart work.

21 04 2010
srinivas reddy

hi its seems really a nice one ..i will be helpful for students and more over very nice has been covered in this article

7 05 2010

Hi Noor khattak ,

I accept your point . basically no one be a smart worker. After work hard once we complete the work (Now u called as a hard worker) , than it will be very easy when u got the same kind of work again (Now you called as a smart worker)…

“Hard worker’s is winners”

15 05 2010

Me too accept the above articles but my point of view one thing i want to tell is in a simple word “hard work never fails”.for example the person who is going to get first rank or mark in their exams he/she want to work hard, they have give their full effort&their concentration in their subject then only get more information or knowledge about the subject.after that by using smart thinking only can present the answer according to the question.so hard work & smart work are inter related one.
the conclusion is without hard work we cant think smart as well as without smart work we cant work hard.

2 07 2010
joginder pal

i think top level also want smart work.I am working in L&T .& here top level always say engineer should do smart work.They are not supported the engineer to to Hard work.

wat i m thinking smart work is to make fool to other & get work from there.I am also a Hard Worker but tring to change my working style.Please anyone is there who can support me.please reply me on my mail

11 09 2011

i am also believe in hard work ,& it is bridge for smart work……..
when we go to hard work it is really hard but it will give key for smart work.

14 08 2010

Hi friends……………….
I need Difference between Hardwork And smart work

16 08 2010

its a good artical nd very helpful in longterm decision making…

22 09 2010

The punch line here is that we need to work hard in smart way, ie don’t try to reinvent the wheel also stick to the most efficient ways of doing things in a world driven by Hi tech. You are a smart hard worker if you achieve your set target at specified time.

2 12 2010
Shushil Samal

Very good article,
smart work will not returns you the good result until an unless you do a hard home work for that.

2 12 2010
Shushil Samal

Very good article,
smart work will not returns you the good result until an unless you do a hard home work for that.

means it is not easy to do a smart work with out a prior observation & practice.

27 12 2010

so good

good very much ^^

7 03 2011
Karthick Seralathan

Very Good Article.

Smart Work and Hard Work getting differentiate intermes of time and energy to do the same Work. But we should not waste the same time or energy to think how to make the work in smart way.

27 03 2011

You have a good point about if you enjoy your work will make it seem less like an obligation. However wearing you heart on your sleeve at least for me tends to change things a great deal. when I write a paper for a class I found that I have to take a balanced approach with emotion and logic. By definition wearing you heart on your sleeve means that you blatantly show your emotions without any logical consideration. So that might be construed as being unbalanced. However the hard worker is someone who loves to work hard. I love work when it makes me feel like I’m getting something done. My blood flows and my heart pumps even when I’m being a desk jockey.

28 03 2011
saddam hussain

this topic is very interesting to discuss ` i think for smart work there should be intelligence as well as experience ` and experience is got from hard working ` thats why the one who is smart working is also a hard working

28 03 2011
saddam hussain

thanx guys

12 05 2011
Asfak khan

smart work & hard work—
in this article what ever u can observe in ur side that thing u have to mention in this letter, u have so put off some of pozitive & negative side from different working human beings. which should not be considered, article is good but , it is normal , i can expect as more from your genious mind. u can think a different kind of working mind , his daily hsposh mixture in his working level..
be guide wit ur electricrical article.. which we can accepted by u…..

23 06 2011
S. Dhinesh

I see people working hard( working more hours a day) and running a company. But work itself is not life. I do not know what is smart working.

9 07 2011

let me inject my self in this beautiful topic,,,,,there is no smart work ,,,,,there is no hard work…. .but what is hard is freedom…. and we don’t have it as man bieng…. and i will answer any question you may have…just add prince hassan in ur facebook and i will accepted your request ,,,,merci,,,,, look for a green fist in a flag 🙂

15 07 2011

this is indeed true. 🙂

30 07 2011
rakesh kumar gurjar from dara station

i think smart work is bettar then hard work……..bcz which work do comlete at 8 hour whose are complete 4 hour by smart work……….this iz notb shortcut

5 08 2011
Aku Nih Pandai Tapi Kenapa Bukan Pelajar Cemerlang? |

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8 08 2011
Bharat Kadu

It’s very true. But i have seen peoples going by world “HARD Work” and they were trained to believe that nothing is possible unless you work hard, no matter the things has n number of ways to do in simpler manner. It was very good experince to work with them to learn how things can not be done, or what are the ways to do the things faster by avoiding somwthing.

17 08 2011

its ausomeeeeeeeeeee

30 09 2011
vikas kumar


24 10 2011
Hard Work VS Smart Work | fulfildreams.com

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20 11 2011

my personal opinion is,both hard work and smart work are needed for the success ..
Every time smart work does not help,same way evert time hard working is also helpfull..

22 11 2011

nice information provide this article.

14 12 2011

In my point of view. To reach target they are several ways to reach the target. Smart worker choose shortest path to reach the target anyway smart worker will finished the target. Hard worker choose too any one of path to reach the target. What is my conclusion is we are ready to work hard but at the same time think smart its very good.

25 03 2012

i liked the article and i hereby understmrud that hardwork and smartwork depends on time, if the work is finished in very short time then it is smartwork and the same work if it takes the time to complete the work then it is called hardwork

29 08 2012

Good Article:)

14 02 2014
Ronny Siagian

Have you ever seen how the hydraulic jack working? We just need a little power to jack up heavy car. I think that’s the example of the smart work. Smart work is about how you manage your time so you could finish your job effectively and efficiently. For your reference, you could read in http://www.amazon.com/Go-Higher-Level-Indonesian-Edition/dp/6020228339

18 04 2016

Doing hard work smartly may help one to achieve success!!!

15 01 2017
manas patel

i want to say that hard work is not only important as our family members always saying thathard w is important but in nowdays smart w is important

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