Camp Corbett

24 09 2006

Out Bound Training at Camp Corbett arranged by TCS. My vote goes for anything that got to do with non academic, adventurous event. The day started by 7 AM and everyone boarded bus by 8 AM and we went on hunting Camp Corbett on the out skirts of the Chennai and ended up there by 10 AM feeling like a bunch of tribals in that God Forsaken Place. People were already running their fantasies wild and we were so happy to spot some trace of civilization in the form of huts just to ensure that TCS hasn’t given up on us yet! 

I loved the place instantly. Fresh air, open spaces, rustic climate, and the chirping of birds felt just right. We met a couple of instructors Rita and Michael who familiarized us with the order of the day. Hearing the plan made me grin a kilometer long as we were starting with a treasure hunt. So a team of 5 whaco kids went on to discover a forbidden house by the side of a lagoon! Well, just for pretense sake!

That was a good 4 km walk which served as a good warm up. We came back and each of the teams wove their share of stories for the benefit of all. Later we went on to do some army training. First to come was Balance Beam, – a 10 cm wide beam placed at a height of some 2 feet above ground on which we were supposed to walk. And the next in order was mine field. So we jumped out way through the imaginary mines to reach the other side. Gullible that I was, I thought these activities are quite relaxed. My opinion got shattered the moment I faced a six feet flat wall and my mind whispered that there is no way I can jump over. It sure made me realize the importance of fitness. Well, what are friends for? Thanks to the help of friends, I managed to do that as well. The next in order were Tarzan Swing and Tube Jump. After 6 ft wall jump, everything felt easy. Well I wasn’t aware of the plan post lunch then! We grabbed a quick lunch and went on to walk our way through Burma Bridge over a small canal. The return proved a little tough though! Well, the ending game was pretty boring. The concept is to let a bunch of blind folded people build a tent under the voice of a leader.

We sighed off heavily while parting from the exquisite place. Back in bus, I sang my way to home in a hopeless multilingual Anthakshari trying my best to concoct exotic songs, much to the annoyance of the peaceful souls! Its for sure will stay as a memorable day in the book of my life.

Team @ Corbett!

Team @ Corbett Camp



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8 12 2006

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