Fighting Emptiness..

17 09 2006

This is one post which I am waiting to write since past four months yet couldn’t make it as the call of the emptiness is weighing too heavy on my pen. Suddenly I found myself caught in a thoughtless abyss, and I went on treading the fretful path! Wondering about future, managing other’s expectations, taking the easier route and loosing touch of the present…I spoke to my friends and colleagues. Must say that I heard a similar echo everywhere. Struggle for success, fight against unknown competitors, striving to give the best has dwindled the quality of life. Most of the friends I spoke to has nothing more to discuss than job, career and role. And a few had everything to say other than about work! Blogging didn’t engage me and the distance grew between my diary and me. I felt as if I am being sucked in to a crib club. It’s been a truly mad three months for me as a longed for a wild break. I wanted something more. A new challenge, an exciting trip, or a fresh role may be! I thought I had learnt whatever I could and that dampened my spirit. And then started Sowmya’s trials at work. I became less efficient always considering work as duty, and ended up in a self pity soup. Until, realization dawned on me. Am in a unique role where I could do whatever I can, learn whatever I can muster and explore my potential. I had my cake of corporate mktg, event mgmt, business analysis, idea management, and what not? It’s just a gloomy and lonely spell I was under. Wondering about my personal status as a woman and a professional status in life and how do I manage my parents expectations along with that. I took a 10 day break, went home and had a minor break, came back and studied banking and finished a couple of certifications. Took to MS Office 2007, which just simplified my task and opened new avenues in presentations. Currently, am working on a couple of proactive proposals in a rough way. Life is good, as long as it had something new to savor, learn and experience!



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