My First Six Months Of Work Life!

16 12 2005

I have completed my first six months of work life and am waiting to complete another! The experience has been quite eventful till now! Guess this is the time to reflect and learn! I used to have a director at IMDR who always emphasized on the importance of reflecting after experience to garner learning. Guess I would listen to him this time! Well, I had an interesting team get-together with my colleagues at MGM resorts. We played cricket, handball, and sealed the day with a gourmet dinner. The heavy moment of the day was when we had to bid farewell to colleague who is leaving to UK the very next day. He is our project lead and somehow I grew comfortable with his guidance. Yet, life has to move on, isn’t it? The ambiance of MGM is perfect for team events. The resort has cricket pitch just beside the beach, and it was quite fun to play the match as I have never played cricket earlier! No wonder, I ended up duck-out (rather ducked out!). I had quite an eventful day, yet I had to back to office on Saturday! So more to key on in further posts..



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