Playing the role of an Organizer..

30 11 2005

Working in my project, I can never define my job in specific terms. The job description and the definition varies day by day! Guess I like it this way too. I have organized a paper presentation event in my organization and it taught me a lot of things. The first lesson is how to follow-up. I came in contact with a lot of honchos of TCS. I was a little nervous as I had no clue of the corporate hierarchy. In the end, I realized that what I was experiencing was a mental block towards authority. Somehow, it reminded me of Bhupi’s lecture on the start of Second Year. Strange are the ways of memories, isn’t it? Organizing this event brushed my co-ordinating skills for sure. It took a lot of coffee and headache to see that event happen. Well, I can’t undermine the help of my project team the day before the event. They sat with me till night 10 PM working on the minor details which even I missed. Finally the event was a great success, thanks to my boss! He did a great oration and kept everyone awake. All in all, it was sheer fun in the end!!



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