Perils of being an Absent-Minder-Part 1.

21 11 2005

Yesterday night I realized what could be the disadvantages of being absent minded. It means jogging back to my office at 10 PM and wondering that no one picked up my keys! Yesterday it was very hectic for me at office. (Please don’t stare at me, people in IT companies can be working too!). It was raining cats and dogs in Chennai for the whole day, and believe me, its not a pleasant site because of the water logging on the streets. In Pune, I used to enjoy rains, but nowadays, they became a big issue as they flood the roads in Chennai. I left office at 9 PM and reached home promptly by 9.30 PM only to realize that I forgot my house keys in office. So it was back to office again at 10 PM in rain swearing all sorts of curses which I could mumble for myself! I titled this post as part 1 as I never know when my forgetfulness will make me jog again! Hey! But it was quite enjoyable also. Otherwise I never thought that I would ever jog to my office at night 10 PM!



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