My home trip!

8 11 2005

I finally managed to reach home for Diwali and had a gala time at home. Yet, I can’t resist myself from posting the way I reached home. I couldn’t make the journey on 28th as all the trains in Chennai Central towards Andhra Pradesh got cancelled. To much of my chagrin, the situation continued for days. Finally Coromandal express got started on 30th and I was happy to get a berth and became an innocent victim of the diverted train route. God! The train took 30 hours to reach my home town(actual time is 10 hours). Good thing is that I got to see the whole of Rayalaseema: the Kadapa, Anantapuram, Karnool, Prakasam districts. It was quite a tiresome journey and an interesting one too. One can actually observe the resilience, patience and tenacity of the people. I finally reached home and my only regret is that I lost around 3 days due to the journey.

I did plenty of shopping at home and even accompanied Dad a couple of times for the morning walk. Being at Home gives me a sluggish sense of happiness. Khana, Peena and Sona. Did nothing apart from that. I took two days to get back to the working life!

I left the cell at home as I wanted to buy a new one in Chennai. Andhra Pradesh is cheaper when it comes to buying of cells. I did quite a lot of research and finally I found that there is not a single cell which has an ideal brain and beauty combo. I stayed cell-less for a couple of days deciding which one to buy. Interesting part is that during those days I felt strange happiness and freedom. I got so used to mobile that I felt that something is missing. Talk about Techno-Addiction!

P.S. Finally I ended up buying Samsung’s SGH-X620 on 14th Nov. Though its not from Nokia, this mobile covers the basic functions like FM(very much needed in Chennai), Cam and voice recording. Looks quite handy too. Yes it fits the bill!



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