25 10 2005

Recently I got affected by Laryngitis.. What a typical name! I cant even pronounce that properly. Well, let me tell you that it feels awful. You can’t even hear your voice. Well, I admit that it got its own beauty! I kept my mouth shut for three days and it ain’t that bad. 🙂

I don’t wish for that to happen again either! Its a tricky infection. It gave me a feeling of weakness, cough, feverish sensation and cold. Yet I could do my daily chores. Sore throat, yet but it didn’t stop me from going on a long drive and taking a long walk.. Only that it got worse.

My voice changed in myriad ways. I could never understand the feeling of despair that a sickness causes in heart. A longing for care and fuss, and for the presence of loved ones creeps in mind. I got bored of coughing though, and I longed to drink something hot always. I think this is the only time when I had coffee and tea combo. I went to doctor twice, only to reconfirm my feeling that I really don’t like hospitals! Finally I got cured miraculously soon. Its nice to be able to talk and eat ice creams!



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