Radical Leap..

21 10 2005

The Radical Leap
A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership

Author: Steve Farber

This was a book suggested by my boss and he asked me to read it twice! The first thing I enquired was the number of pages of the book! I just wondered how thick would that be..

Coming to the actual reading experience, the book is fabulous. This is a book written by Steve Farber which talks about Extreme Leadership. What exactly is an extreme leader? He defines him in one simple sentence, as a person who L.E.A.P.s forward; One who cultivates Love, generates Energy, inspires Audacity, and provides Proof.

The story begins at a beach where Steve, a leadership consultant meets a mysterious and wise character called EdG who defines leadership as an extreme sport. The book is about how Steve discovers the extreme leadership and how he helps to sort out his friend Janice’s problem at her workplace XinoniX. I loved the way the story unfolds and the style of writing of the Steve Farber. You can find the summary of the concept here.

One particular point which caught my eye is Why do I come to work today? Do I love what I do? Yes.. Truly, this must be the most important question of everyone’s life. Life is too small to be fretted away on things which we don’t enjoy doing. We need to find our passion and work our way to get it. That’s what I call self-expression. A feeling of pure joy..

We may not remember the top leaders of the Century or the Miss Universes’ of the World.. But we will surely remember the people who have touched our life. That’s the most interesting part of Leadership. Its about the ability to influence and make a difference to other people’s life; its about the desire to love and help others find their dreams too. This book is a great read which should not be missed. (Not because my boss told so!)



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