Mechanical Pets with Character..

4 10 2005

Recently, I read an article about the launch of Mechanical Puppies launched by Sony. These toys develop a character based on the way their owner is treating them. I really didn’t understand this desire in humanbeings to control their loved ones. Why people have pets? Its because they like to love and be loved in return. Admit it or not, pets are more loyal! Pets and especially dogs give a feeling that they need you. The kind of loyalty and affection they shower on their owners is tremendous. If a person really loves pets, can’t he get a real pet? Why does anyone want to manufacture a mechanical pet with manufactured character? What’s the purpose in that? It seems that there is no end to the human imagination and greed. Is that really a need? Or is it that the current generation became so mechanical that they can only be loved by machines?

I marvel at the creative effort and the dedication of the members who design new and innovative products. What upsets me are the assumptions inherent in the new products. They really make me wonder as to where are we heading as a civilization? It catches me in the ageless discussion of Man Vs Nature. Yet, I know the beauty of discussion lies in the lack of solution. Certain issues are just too complex, aren’t they?



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4 10 2005

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5 10 2005

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