Hi from Chennai!!

24 08 2005

Its been quite a long time since I last keyed in my musings. I am quite occupied these days and the time I spend on myself is dwindling these days. yet, I am grateful to TCS, I got time to breathe! When I hear the stories and working hours of my peers, I feel as if I got a lot to thank for!

Regarding Kaam, I joined Innova Lab in Tidel Park,Chennai. My profile deals with Concept Marketing of quite a lot of innovative stuff. Its just my kind of role and I’m loving it every moment. Chennai is quite hot, only that I am not exposed to it in the plush A.C. office of the TCS out here. I have seen the other Karapakkam and Sholinganallur offices, and I liked the Sholinganallur office better. It got a lot of open area and can keep one quite engaged, especially when one got no work!

Chennai Disco(Discovery of Chennai):

I have checked out a few theatres in Chennai: Satyam, Casino. I was told that Satyam is one of those Hip multiplexes of Chennai, but it turned out to be a complete downer for me. I have seen better ones in Pune. Added to that, the movie I watched there, “My Wife’s Murder” , was PATHETIC at its best. I really don’t understand the purpose of making that movie. I went to the Spencer Plaza and I felt it was too crowded and disorganized. The service lanes and the mount road make me feel as if there is a lot more to explore. Chennai is a real big city!

Coming to the best part, The best thing I saw in chennai is British Library located on Mount Road. The ambiance and the building was fantastic! I loved the time I spent there. A great hangout for book lovers. I went to the Paris Corner, the old Chennai style of Market and then to Marina Beach. I always get enticed by beaches and the sea. The inviting waves and the soothing breeze makes me heady and contented. I feel that the persistence of waves to reach the shore is the perfect illustration of Never Say Die attitude. Its an awe-inspiring sight! Guess that sums up my Chennai Disco. Hope I get more time to explore this great culturally rich Metro!



2 responses

25 08 2005

Hi Rani,
well i am commenting on your articles for the first time.Its nice to see you enjoying your work at TCS. You still are the same though. the person who is strong and knows how to enjoy life.also the thing about not having work. i was always under the impression that in companies there is always work but now i know its not always so. i find it difficlut to idle away my time at my office so atlast started visiting the blogs more often

5 10 2005

Yes Bhushi, truly a lot of our assumptions turned out to be different. Its good to see your comments. Hope to see you blogging more often..–>

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