A trip to Ponmudi..

24 07 2005

Today we went to Ponmudi, which is a hill station nearby Trivandrum. The weather was extremely pleasant and the scenic beauty, soul touching. It was some two hour bus ride from Trivandrum. Throughout the way we, the Ganesh hotel gang of TCS, sang songs and had loads of fun. Actually we were trying to make the most of the last few days left in Trivandrum. The surroundings are green and filled with coconut trees and tea gardens. Added to that, the place is covered in mist and I had tough time differentiating the mist from clouds. I tried the Kerala special boiled rice for lunch. Its supposed to be very healthy, yet its very different from the normal cooked rice which I am used to in Andhra Pradesh. What can I say about the place? Its an ideal destination if you are looking for greenery, pleasant climate, and some solitude, as it fills your soul with love, you feel reconnected with the nature. To top off the day, we calmed ourselves over the nearby waterfalls. Its kind of difficult to explain where lies the magic. May be the pristine surrounding of the Ponmudi did the trick. In the end, its a lovely experience and my heart wanted more and more.



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9 08 2006

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

12 10 2007
The Explorer

These narratives remind me somuch of my ILP days at trivandrum.Really those were the best days of TCS life.

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