A trip to Tirupati!

3 06 2005

I can call my trip to Tirupati as a part pilgrimage activity. My family decided to pay respects to the richest God of India(World, maybe)Lord Venkateshwara. We wanted to climb the seven hills by walk and learned few lessons on the way. For the first, its not easy to climb 3750 steps at one go and if you believe that you can do it fine, its over confidence! The second is never carry your footwear along, as after sometime, very likely that you want to pack it in bag or throw it overhill. Never carry any luggage and that includes your water bottles as there are enough to replenish you on the way. And the last and final is that even if you start the walk saying O God, its likely that you will end up saying Oh! God! so be prepared.

On a serious note, it took four hours to climb the stairs and four hours for the Darshan as we have already taken slots for the Darshan a month ahead. The Darshan was rushed, but I could catch a glimpse of the Lord. It was a pleasant trip indeed: I could test my stamina!



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