Intermediate Education

4 05 2005

Today I went to one of the most reputed institutes in Andhra Pradesh for Intermediate Education, Sri Chaitanya to join my cousin there. I was astonished at the way they have provided the facilities for the students and wondered at the credibility of the name and fame they have amassed. They have two types of batches one called IC (Intensive Care) batch and the other one called the regular batch. Fees for the IC batch is 50 grand and the regular weighs 41 grand on your pocket. Though its costlier when compared to the standard of Andhra Pradesh, what surprised me is the stingy facilities they have provided. My cousin was offered a berth in a big room, which she has to share with 8 other girls. There is absolutely no privacy; neither there is a place to study in the room. They have kept a place separate for study.. Yes you can imagine, its just the same open place in front of the hostel. Well, I was reminded of the old stories of the great educationalists that studied under streetlights! But then they had no money to afford the luxuries. Well, I lamely enquired about the games and the entertainment activities. The coordinator gave me a queer look and informed me that they have Chinese-checkers and chess boards! Great!!! I can only pray for my cousin who want to be a Doctor as this seems the only way.. Oh! The plight of students!



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