Terminator Technology-A devious Invention..

14 03 2005

I just read about the Terminator Technology, which is genetic seed sterilization technology, promoted and in process of patenting by Monsanto. As per this kind of technology, the genetically modified seed is made sterile if planted from the seed obtained from harvest. Well, if this kind of technology is accepted and sanctioned in the society, just imagine the kind of ramifications it has. Even the birds which carry seeds wont be of any help to the society…

How many farmers would be aware that the seeds they cultivated through harvesting are sterile? Monsanto is a global company and if it propagated these seeds, doesn’t it result in famines and destruction of humanity? Well, does anyone know the after effects of Genetically Modified food? Its still a untested and developing technology whose side effects are not proven yet. What would happen to the people who are caught unawares of the kind of food that’s going into their system?

Life recreates itself.. How indignant it would feel if the authority of ownership of its basic right is owned by some multinational giant? How would I feel if I have to pay some MNC to carry my own child??? Feeling repulsive and pensive about the deviousness of the whole issue and thought of origin of this entire technology.

As I read some where.. Good Design starts not with thinking of what I can do but questioning what I really want to do.



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