The Day of the Jackal..

10 03 2005

I was insisted by my friend to read, “The Day of the Jackal”, written by Frederick Forsyth. The book tells about the story of hunting of an assassin code named Jackal, an Englishman who is hired by a secret para-military group OAS Chief, Marc to assassinate French President, General de Gaulle. The book is divided into three parts, the first describes the Summary of the Plot and selection of Jackal by Marc for the task, the second describes the laying of the Plot and the planning of the Jackal and the third describes the hunting down of Jackal by the French detective Lebel.

The plot is quite interesting and description is immaculate and detailed. I find that the book has more attention to detail and a lot of description than dialogue. What engaged my interest in this incredible thriller is the convoluted and logical way in which the plot unfolds and the character of the Jackal who is described as an inhumanly methodical and deviously professional. Really enjoyed the foolproof planning that went into the design of the plot and the description of the terrorist activities..



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