Bonsai Kittens, A horrifying hoax site..

3 03 2005

I was horrified this morning to watch, which promotes animal cruelty and claims using kittens to shape their body the way a bottle is by stuffing them in a bottle, as an artistic expression of an ancient art. The humane society of US says that this website is a hoax, developed by an MIT student as a joke. Still, I was disgusted at the cruelty of the thinking and design which went into this website. An idea like this may actually propel someone to put it into practice. What do people do under the name of freedom of speech? Each law should have a self-limiting principle. Though human being is the most evolved lot of the life forms, he should recognize the responsibility which comes with it humbly rather than devising mean means of controlling the other life forms. What irritates me the most is that the site is still active. If this is what an MIT student learns as a way to joke, where lies the future?



One response

22 02 2007

I am not worried about the MIT guys. Its the righteous pricks like you that I am really scared of.

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