Baalu, A Telugu movie..

1 03 2005

I just watched a Telugu movie called Baalu at INOX theater Pune. Well, it’s always easy to be critical about anything, but somehow I feel that the recipe for success for any movie has become same these days.

The plot becomes so recognizable that you can actually predict what’s the next dialogue is going to be. It’s the story of an Orphan who grew up with a Mafia Don, and falls for a girl who loves him for his courage. Realizing his mistakes, our Hero turns against the Don. Well, as usual the big Dad gets angry and kills the girl, and the guy finally takes his revenge against the Don. To add masala, another girl was added to create romance and songs..

Quite a predictable tale, isn’t it? But then it was good to watch the movie as I felt home again under the comfort of watching a movie in my mother tongue. Apart from that, listening to people in the theatre who were speaking in Telugu offered a vague comfort. Guess I really cant offer reasoning for feelings, can I?



One response

3 03 2005

Sometimes what is familiar and comfortable is the best. Not everything has to be dramatic and different. The movie didn’t sound half bad.–>

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