Silence in Chaos…

23 02 2005

Yes, That’s the current state of mine. It seems as if I am standing in a chaos and don’t understand what’s happening around me. Life is rolling in a slow pace at IMDR, and with two more months to bid farewell, suddenly I find myself doing nothing productive. Yes I am reading a lot of books to kill the leisure but I am absolutely doing nothing which puts my creative skills to work. Just trying to enjoy leisure.. This weekend is supposed to be full of verve as its convocation time at IMDR, but somehow I fail to identify myself with it. May be I am getting effected by the inactivity bug! It seems as if I am surrounded by deadening silence and no where to go! People say Silence speaks, but for me, at times, it haunts!

Being Rich in True Sense..

23 02 2005

Through a lot of discussions I had, I came to wonder what’s being rich? Is being rich means having loads of material wealth, most of which you don’t really put to use? Is rich means having a lot of comfort in life that everything comes to your footsteps and you don’t even move your body? Or is being rich means being in content with what one has, having the ability to say enough, enjoying little things of life, having a rich inner life which is reflected through outward actions? Somehow, I find myself being evaluated on the kind of possessions or money I possess rather than the kind of individual I am. Does this really have meaning for me? Somehow, being rich for me is having self-worth which is not affected by an alien, having the courage and confidence to stand for one’s values and the ability to make a positive difference in the world through a meaningful existence. As Gandhi says, ” Nature provides for everyone’s need, not greed”.. I muse on the meaning of being rich if it doesn’t lead to an enriching life.


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