Exams Exams!!!!

17 01 2005

Yup! My favorite pass time is back! Got exams from 19th till 21st. At least I would touch those 2 kg textbooks again for reference. Actually I am not against the spirit of exams, only the manner of conducting them. I just feel that the question and answer pattern of exams is just the trashy thing if those questions don’t make one to apply the concepts. Somehow I feel that giving theoretical questions in written exams makes one remember it only for exams. And the rating system encourages unhealthy competition too. Classroom evaluation and the internal assessment is quite a lot better but who will account for the incompetent lecturers? I think that exams should be a judicious mix of individual assignments, and student’s ability of application of concepts rather than having a system that puts student’s memory to test. What say?



One response

8 01 2008

I completely agree with you…

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