Marriage-A Bond for life!

7 01 2005

I was a little engrossed in thought related to marriages. Its real fun to see the way in which marriages happen in our country. On oneside extreme we have the so called love marriages where in the other end we have the arranged marriages which supply the feel good factor to everyone. Recently one of my friends had a love marriage where in the parents from either side were forced to comply. And one of my friends opted for an arranged marriage to make his parents happy.

Looking at both the cases, I started thinking about the institution of marriage. Is it an agreement between two people to share life together or is it for convenience of the society? I agree that arranged marriages reduce the insecurities between the two families but does that really ensure a true bondage between the two people who choose to spend their life together? Institution of marriage enhances itself if there is a little bit of understanding and compatibility between the two. I hope that every couple has an opportunity to examine that before they enter into their vows of lifetime commitment. As someone says, Even a minor acquaintance can make people enter into marriage but in order to take divorce, one has to truly understand the other. Irony but true.



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