31 12 2004

The tsunami disaster struck unexpectedly and shook the unwarned public and outstripped many of their lives, possessions and dear ones. The pain is unbearable for many and the way the natural disaster occurred came as a rude shock for the whole world. Now everyone can write about the pain, destruction but the time really calls for global unity in fighting disasters. The Tsunami destruction should be considered as a rude warning and the media and public should ponder over the importance of the disaster management, emergency actions and the recovery methods to handle the disasters of this magnitude. Rather than crying over the past, we should be cautious and active in future and be prepared to handle such emergencies with proper preventive measures. These times of need reflect the need for being proactive and prepared for natural calamities. These times call for global unity. Lets contribute our share to offer relief to victims and be prepared so that no one else would be subjected to such toil and agony again.



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