Educational System out here…..

23 11 2004

There is nothing to be taught but there are values that can be extracted. The basic thing is that here the education system has been a sort of assembly line, and hence the thought process has been in a manner that everything is to be done in a step-by-step method. But the real education comes when something is experienced. We need not do the real important things in life. I think that all the important things happen on their own. In many ways I have been driven. Not because there is an inner calling but there is a driving force that pushes me in a slot. The major thing has been the career choice. This was one in which I was thrown into.

Then the question arises that do we make the decisions or the system makes it? The first thing that arises is, what is a system or society? System is what we want to see it. It is a set of assumptions. System is a context. It is a sight that is determined by us. No two people see the same thing in the same way. They always see it differently because their context is different. Here people make their career choices based on their parents’ expectations.. Now they actually don’t own their aspirations and hence thus start living for others which actually kills their real self.

We create a context; hence, we can change it. But this is to be done in the light of awareness. For taking a decision there should be an evaluation of choices. There is nothing wrong in following a choice. But the truth is that we have been so protected that we do not know that we are exercising a choice.



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