Tea with Girish Karnad..

8 10 2004

I have been fortunate enough to meet Girish Karnad and listen to his first hand experience of making Samskara and writing Hayavadana, which are my all time favorites.. He presented a different perspective to my understanding of Indian drama and arts and it had be a thoroughly exhilarating experience for me!

Some of his opinions..

Girish Karnad said that what differentiates Bollywood and Hollywood is our music which is distinctly different from other parts of the world. He talked about the difference between Bhava and Rasa saying that Bhava is the base emotion and rasa is an aesthetic experience, all these so intimately ingrained in our culture. He spoke about the western, particularly British influence in Indian Drama during our freedom struggle period and how he has used Indian drama to express his views on freedom movement subtly. Being interested in Indian Mythology, he gave his story about the creation of drama by Brahma as fifth Veda.

Karnad gave his opinions on Hayavadana, a story of transposed heads of two persons where in the woman has to choose one from the transposed heads of two persons, one being her husband and another her husband’s friend. The play he wrote explores different dimensions to identity with a humorous undertow. Oh! How I love that play!

It was truly an amazing experience to know him as a person and his opinions on Indian Drama. Those are the moments of my meeting with a great Indian Playwright which I would treasure for life..



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7 02 2008

I am a great admirer of Mr. Girish Karnad and love to know such valuable
aspects of his writing.

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