Samskara, A movie on Funeral Rites!!!!

7 10 2004

I just watched Samskara (Funeral Rites), a movie by Girish Karnad. Its actually a Kannada play written by Ananta Murthy, which is translated by Girish Karnad. A lovely movie depicting the range of moral dilemma of a Acharya over the funeral rites of a Brahmin who didn’t heed to Brahmin community rules.

The story actually runs like this. There is this Brahmin Narayanappa, who drinks liquor, ate meat and kept a sudra mistress. He dies suddenly. Now there is discussion in the community about his cremation, and the Acharya, the head of the Brahmin community fails to answer and meanwhile he sleeps with Narayanappa’s Mistress and then he feels guilty about it and runs away from his place. In the due course, plague broke out in the village and everyone deserts it where as the Acharya gets his head right about what he wants to do and returns to cremate the dead body. The ending is kept ambiguous and whether he returns to Narayanappa’s mistress or not is an open question.

The movie depicts the past society in all its glory and gives a beautiful count of the political, social and moral issues involved in the funeral rites. Girish Karnad is simply fabulous and the way the depth of emotions portrayed was touching.. Its probably my first experience of an Art movie and I am at loss to mention the range of emotions it stirred. This movie was worth every inch of its National Award.



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4 04 2009

I would like to check out this movie…have been trying to find a print all around in bangalore…but could not…could you guide me as to where i would get a print of this movie

19 01 2010

I am looking for this movie but i am not getting. I am also looking for another movie Gatashradda. Please anyone has any information where we can get the print guide me.

12 09 2010
Riyaz Mohammed,Muscut

you can watch the movie ghatashradha on youtube

14 11 2010

Thanks Riyaj

24 03 2010
Gopalakrihnan S

I am also equally interested iin viewing the movies Vamsavruksha, Ghata shraardha and Samskara. If anyone knows, please give the links or availability details. Thank you

14 11 2010

Hi Gopalakrishnan the CD is available for Vamsavruksha.

12 04 2010
Gladson Jathanna

Ghatashraadha is available on line. Check it out on Bharath movies.

17 11 2010

would like to watch “samskaara” online. if you have an proper link pls. provide. -@

26 03 2011

I want to see this movie (Samskara which is based on author UR Ananth Murthy) in English or Hindi how can i get this one if possible reply soon on my mail Id

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