Ethics in Reality?!!

6 10 2004

Can we really define ethics? Is it something that has to be understood and accepted as such. Whenever I think of ethics, mixed feelings come to play.Though I have my own understanding of ethics, they are formed by my interaction with the society. What you digest is what you follow and the residue which is left in the mind forms our ethics. I personally feel that they play a very great role in our daily interactions and are often so ingrained in me that I seldom stop to even examine the underlying beliefs existing in me.

I personally don’t think that being what you want to be and acting the way that you should not hurt anyone constitute ethical conduct. What about the person who is giving death sentence to a person who murdered 50 children? Here, we define ethics for the common good of the society. Now tell me, who wins finally in the tussle between the individual and the society? One may either follow the bandwagon or he can pursue his own path. But my choice should be based on my being aware of my decision process and the consequences. I am not born with ethics, rather I came into a society with predetermined ethical values.. So I have to use my own judgment to decide what’s ethical for me, right?



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