Symbols in life!

5 10 2004

I personally opine that symbols are used because they are convenient. On a more serious note, they stand for shared beliefs and since people make their own associations of it, they become individualized too. Well, by creating symbols out of a person, we may reduce his identity, but still, it can be used as recall for certain quality, like Gandhi stands for truth.

Symbols can be manipulative.. Its easy to change the notion associated with the symbol, right? Somehow I think of it as brand logo.. And the associations inherent. Its easy to change them.. But do symbol stand for actual truth.. Its an emphatic NO.. The perception is in mind, and over a period of time, you tend to own the symbol in the sense, you will cultivate your own personal associations. If you are aware that its not reality, what’s wrong with it? After all, we are not exactly rational beings..



2 responses

17 08 2007
Best Home

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1 11 2007
Bonnie Hunt

Hi there…I Googled for bonnie hunt wikipedia, but found your page about poetry…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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