Seeking Grassroots Experience….

30 09 2004

Here I would say that one has to embrace life and experience the work from the grassroots level.. Being in IMDR, when I entered the college, I was involved in a selling NGO products.. I had trouble imagining myself selling handmade folders, candles on road. I was a bit embarrassed even to get myself acquainted with the idea, but later when I started doing it, I realized how valuable that experience is. Its not always where you get to sell a handmade greeting card to a guy owning a Mercedes! None of your Management fundas work over there and you absolutely have to be yourself.. It taught me the value of simplicity, humbleness and gave me a glimpse into the interaction pattern of people. What an experience, where you enjoy the bliss of contributing to charity while learning through such down to earth sales! Now I understand the dignity of work and I don’t hesitate to talk to strangers. In fact now I don’t mind going to any place as it made me stand against the fear of uncertainty, for every tough experience is an opportunity to learn.



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